Now it's cold enough for that

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My feet.

They smell kind of like tortilla chips. Fritos maybe? Idk. Weird/gross.

If your insanity leads you to carve up women like Jack the Ripper or the Cleveland Torso Murderer, we clap you away in the funny farm ( but neither of those two amateur- night surgeons was ever caught, heh- heh- heh); if, on the other hand your insanity leads you only to talk to yourself when you’re under stress or to pick your nose on the morning bus, then you are left alone to go about your business … though it is doubtful that you will ever be invited to the best parties.


My earliest memory, and I don’t know if it is a memory, or something I dreamed, is being on the beach at Edmonds Waterfront with my mother and father. I am young, a toddler, in a small sun hat, and a light blue dress.  It is almost sunset, and I am holding my father’s hand while walking though the sand, rocks, and tall grass.  It is probably my happiest memory.